New York’s Lumber Supplier of Choice Since 1965

At LeNoble Lumber, we’ve built a reputation of unparalleled quality, service, and expertise over the past 50 years and counting. Our clients rely on us to provide them with the widest selection of products and highest quality of materials, delivered promptly when it’s needed.

LeNoble Lumber is the “FedEx of lumber yards”

With our vast inventory and large delivery fleet, LeNoble provides exceptionally fast service at competitive prices—a reason we’re known as the “FedEx of lumber yards.” We can deliver from Boston to Baltimore from our home base in Long Island City, NY, covering all of the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut tri-state area along the way. We also ship our moldings nationwide.


Have a question about your project? Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your product needs and requirements. Collectively our team has 200+ years of experience and expertise in the industry, and we are happy to help you make your project a success.


The best selection of lumber, plywood, and building materials in New York.

LeNoble Lumber boasts one of the largest and finest selections of hardwood and softwood lumber, high-grade plywood, particle boards and fiberboards, specialty materials, and mouldings in the New York metro area and Northeast. We also carry a wide inventory of FSC-certified green and sustainable building materials. Discover why our commitment to providing only the highest quality materials actually saves you money on your project.


Top quality lumber and materials for a top clientele

Since 1965, LeNoble has been a leading provider of set construction materials to the film and TV industries, and has since grown to be the supplier of choice to display and exhibition companies, furniture makers, major museums and fine art crating companies, architects, and contractors in New York and beyond. Check out our gallery to see what builders are crafting with LeNoble Lumber.

Set Construction

The primary supplier to New York City’s film and television industry since 1965.

Display & Exhibition

Providing lumber and building materials for display and exhibition companies to NYC and beyond.

Woodworkers & Furniture Makers

The lumber of choice for woodworkers and furniture makers across the United States.

Fine Art Packing & Crating

Top trusted provider of fine art packing and crating materials in the NY-Metro area.


Contractors depend on LeNoble Lumber for speedy deliver at the best possible price.

Architects & Interior Designers

Architects and interior designers look to LeNoble Lumber to create the places we live, work, and play.

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