Mouldings & Millwork

LeNoble Lumber has an excellent reputation among lumber companies for the quality and depth of its molding products.

We stock nearly 400 different profiles of moldings and millwork in a variety of different types of wood.

Our top-quality moldings have been used on stages of Broadway shows, the displays of major department stores, and the exhibits of nationally and internationally recognized museums. Our moldings can often be seen in films and television series filmed in the NY Metro area. Many homeowners and contractors also rely on LeNoble Lumber for moldings and millwork, as we carry such a wide variety in stock and can ship it quickly anywhere in the United States.

Shop our wide variety of moulding and millwork accents

Every single one of our moulding profiles are available ready-made in clear white pine and clear poplar.

However, if you don’t want a profile made with these wood varieties, we are willing to make moulding profiles in your choice of hardwood. We also stock many of our profiles in oak, mahogany, cherry, maple, and more. If it is vital that the moulding has a rich, even finish after staining or coating, you should consider purchasing a profile for finger joint molding. To see our full moulding and millwork inventory, please download our catalog or see below.

Do you need custom moulding? If you need a special profile, or want to match a moulding that has not been in production for many years, talk to our team at LeNoble Lumber. Our mill is capable of producing custom moulding profiles to your exact specifications. Essentially, if you can draw it, we can make it. We also offer priming, staining, and clear lacquering as custom finishes.

Fast delivery of your molding and millwork

LeNoble Lumber prides itself on fast delivery for all of its products, including molding and millwork products.

In most cases, we ship out orders the same day they are placed. We can ship to all locations within the United States via UPS or ground freight, depending on the size of your order and your location.

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