Display & Exhibition

LeNoble proudly provides lumber and building materials for display and exhibition companies in New York and beyond.

You’ve likely seen their work.

Whether it’s the famous holiday window displays from your favorite department store, or the red carpet gala featured in today’s paper, chances are that it was made with LeNoble Lumber.

Internationally recognized museums, galleries, and trade shows have relied on LeNoble Lumber to provide the high quality lumber and building materials needed to build eye-catching exhibition spaces and beautiful displays that attract so many of the public.


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Lumber products for display and exhibition companies

Display and exhibition companies work across a variety of industries—including fashion, art, music, retail, and more—to transform a company’s vision into reality.

LeNoble provides these builders with the materials they need to do that job quickly, effectively, and at the right cost. We are a one-stop source for display and exhibition companies to source lumber and other materials needed for their projects, including architectural hardwood plywood, custom lay-ups, acrylics, laminates, melamine, and more. Our deep inventory of products includes lumber, plywood, mouldings and millwork, boards and sheets. We also provide a wide variety of building materials with bulk pricing available so that you can keep your costs down.

We also carry a wide selection of eco-friendly and sustainable lumber products, so that your display or exhibition company can satisfy green building requirements. Learn more about sustainability efforts here.

Not sure what products to order? Tell us your vision and requirements, and our expert sales team will work with you to get you exactly what you need. The LeNoble family has decades of experience in the lumber industry, and we are very familiar with the terminology and trends in the display and exhibition industry. It’s our pleasure to help you meet the goals and deadlines of your project for the best possible price.

Top-notch service and fast delivery

The LeNoble team realizes the importance of not just having quality materials, but also of providing products as quickly and timely as possible for the most competitive price.

A holiday display can’t afford to go up a day late when you’ve got a busy shopping season ahead of you! We know that display and exhibition companies are under enormous pressure to meet deadlines and keep costs low. At LeNoble, we keep a vast inventory of products in stock and have a fleet of 30+ delivery vehicles so that you don’t have to worry about waiting days or weeks to receive your order. In fact, most of our products can be shipped within the same day.

LeNoble Lumber is proud to be a trusted supplier for the top display and exhibition companies in the New York area and beyond. To learn how we can help you with your next project, contact our sales team to request a quote or download our catalog.

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