Fine Art Packing & Crating

LeNoble Lumber is a top trusted provider of fine art packing and crating materials in the NY-Metro area.

When it comes to protecting priceless artwork, sculptures, artifacts, and fine art, there’s no skimping on the quality of materials that you need to store and transport these pieces.

At LeNoble, we carry a wide variety of crating materials and products that meet the exacting specifications required by museums, galleries, auction houses, and fine art collectors around the world.


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Maximum protection and strength for your fine art

No matter the shape, size, weight, or fragility of a piece of art, LeNoble carries the premium lumber and materials you need for fine art packing and crating.

We carry sanded AC plywood, MDO (medium density overlay) plywood, hardboard, dimension lumber, common pine, cardboard packing tubes, poplar hardwoods, and foam products.

For international art shipments, LeNoble also carries heat-treated lumber, which has been heated to at least 56 degrees Celsius, killing all the living organisms that may compromise the structural integrity of the wood. This heat-treated lumber, which is typically stronger and weighs less than its untreated counterparts, is perfect for building fine art shipping crates.

LeNoble also keeps in stock a selection of NAUF and formaldehyde-free products, archival-quality sustainable materials preferred by museums around the world. For a complete list of our inventory, please download our brochure.

Fast delivery and superb service

If you’re in need of top quality fine art packing and crating materials in New York City, you’ll be happy to know that LeNoble Lumber offers fast delivery—in many cases within the day—to the New York metro area.

To meet our customers tough deadlines and give them peace of mind, we have assembled a fleet of more than 30 delivery vehicles that enable us to deliver our products quickly and efficiently.

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