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LeNoble Lumber offers the best selection and best prices for plywood in New York metro area and Northeast.

We pride ourselves on the quality, breadth, and scope of our plywood inventory, most of which we keep in stock at our warehouse.

With our fleet of more than 30 delivery trucks, we can deliver your plywood order to you quickly and efficiently for the most competitive price possible.

Our most important goal is making sure our customers are satisfied. With hundreds of different types of plywood in our inventory, we can help you find the best one that suits your project’s needs and fits your budget. It is the expertise and dedication of the LeNoble family that allows us to help each of our customers personally get the the best value from their purchase.


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Plywood selection

LeNoble Lumber is well-known for our extensive plywood selection.

Our inventory includes hundreds of different types of plywood, including both hardwood and softwood plywood in a variety of different species from A to Z (Anigre to Zebrawood). We carry softwood plywood in Fir and Pine, as well as hardwood plywood and architectural hardwood plywood in Birch, Mahogany, Cherry, Teak, Ash, Walnut, Sapele, and Maple, among many others. Plywood is stocked in a variety of thicknesses ranging from ¼” thick to 1⅛” thick, and sanded plywood is stocked in 4’x8’ and 4’x10’, as well as some 5’ plywood.

We can cut any plywood products to size (straight cuts only). We can custom CNC rout plywood as well if supplied with the necessary files for the job.

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Eco-Friendly Plywood

LeNoble strives to champion environmental sustainability, offering a large selection of eco-friendly green products.

This includes a variety of FSC-certified and SFI-certified plywood, such as Lauan plywood, a popular building material for set construction. We also offer a domestic hardwood plywood using a NAUF (no added urea formaldehyde) glue, which is compliant with LEED standards designated by the U.S. Green Building Council. These hardwood plywood products earn one point for LEED’s EQ Credit 4.4 Low-Emitting Materials, and satisfy the emissions standards set by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Phase 2 regulations.

Types of Plywood Cores

LeNoble offers plywood in a variety of cores:

Combination Core: Constructed of veneer core inner plies with particle board or MDF cross bands. The strength and stability of combination core is comparable to veneer core, but has the void-free surface quality of PBC or MDF.

Veneer Core: This core consists of alternating veneer inner plies. The plies consist of wood that vary in species depending on where they are manufactured. They compare favorably in weight as compared to composite cores.

Particle Board Core: Particle board consists of wood chips and glue bonded together under pressure. Generally the least expensive of the cores it is also the heaviest. It is very consistent in density and thickness but does not have the structural capabilities of plies that are arranged at right angles such as veneer core. It also has greater screw holding properties than MDF.

MDF Core: MDF is formed in a similar manner to PBC. Instead of wood chips the material is more like sawdust and glue that are compressed and yields a smooth and stable product. The surface has no voids which can affect the appearance of the finished veneer.

Plywood Veneers

Veneers are thin slices of lumber that are laid up (glued to) various plywood cores.

Veneers are thin slices of lumber that are laid up (glued to) various plywood cores. The grain patterns are dependent on how the wood is sawn from the log, and then the manner in which the various pieces are arranged on the core. LeNoble offers an extensive variety of veneers for its plywood selection.

To accurately describe the veneer, you need to indicate the following criteria:

  • Species: i.e.: Birch, Oak, Walnut, Cherry, and Maple, to name a few of the more popular hardwood veneers.


  • Cut: Flat, Rift, Quartered, Rotary, to name just a few.


  • Orientation: Book matched, Slip matched, Close matched, End matched Center matched are various methods for organizing the veneers to be laid up on the core.

Click here to see a variety of veneer cutting methods and types of veneer matching.

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