Contractors have been choosing LeNoble Lumber as a top lumber supplier in the New York and Tri-State area for decades. The reason why?

Contractors work with demanding customers: they want quality construction, they want it fast, and they want it for the best price possible.

Despite the old adage that you can only pick two out of the three—good quality, fast timeline, or best price—LeNoble has consistently helped contractors to meet all their customers’ tough demands.


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Quality lumber at the most competitive price

The LeNoble team views your bottom line as our bottom line.

We recognize that quality jobs require quality material and that inferior products result in more waste. Therefore, we only offer lumber products of the best quality to our customers. And because we keep a large stock of inventory, we are able to provide competitive pricing for all your building material needs.

No matter what the job is, LeNoble Lumber will have the materials you need. Our inventory consists of a variety of different building materials, such as plywood, lumber, drywall and insulation, fire-rated and pressure-treated products, clear and common pine, hundreds of molding profiles, stock and custom doors, custom millwork, and more. For a full list of our inventory download our brochure.

Speedy delivery and expert service

For many contractors, time is money. If you hire workers to help you with a job, the workers will have to be paid for all time spent on the work site, including time waiting around for lumber and building materials to be delivered.

As one of the top lumber suppliers in the New York metro area, we monitor inventory to ensure that our products remain readily available in stock, meaning that you won’t need to delay project timelines to wait for materials to be ordered. In many cases, orders can be fulfilled and delivered within a few days, in many cases within the same day!

Fortunately, contractors using LeNoble will not have to worry about paid downtime, because our large delivery fleet, including boom trucks and piggy (forklift) lifts, will ensure that your lumber and materials arrive to the work site quickly and in pristine condition. As your one-stop source of building materials, you will always be able to get what you need, when you need it!

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