A family company founded by Paul LeNoble in 1965 with over 200 years of collective experience.

Meet the LeNoble Team

LeNoble Lumber, which was founded by Paul LeNoble in 1965, is a family company that spans five generations. For more than five decades, LeNoble Lumber has thrived and prospered to ultimately become the key leader in the lumber industry that it is today. We owe our success largely to the dedication and devotion of our star team.

Family business with a family mentality

The LeNoble team has come to adopt a family mentality over the years.

We don’t consider the people who work for us just as employees, rather, we view all 80+ people who work for us as a part of a large but intimate family, the LeNoble Lumber family.

Every single one of our employees play a vital, indispensable role here at LeNoble, from the delivery of our high-quality plywood and lumber products to our partnership with our customers. This unconditional respect allows everyone in the LeNoble Lumber family, from those who stock our warehouse and load our trucks to those who advise our customers and sell our products, to work together in a seamless and efficient fashion.

Here at LeNoble Lumber, we pride ourselves on our teamwork. This is what allows us to serve our customers so quickly and effectively. Though we come from different backgrounds and experiences, we are all dedicated to achieving a common goal, which is the satisfaction of our customers.

Invaluable expertise and experience

What sets LeNoble Lumber apart from other lumber companies is the invaluable expertise and experience that our employees bring to the table.

Over the years, many former owners and managers of lumber companies have joined the LeNoble family to share their skills and vast knowledge.

Collectively, the LeNoble family has over two hundred years of experience in the lumber industry. You’d be hard-pressed to find a lumber company that employs two former owners of building material distributors, a former president of a major hardwood plywood wholesaler, three former branch managers of lumber distributors, and a dozen star salespeople from industry-leading companies. And that only scratches the surface of the depth of our team!

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