Woodworkers & Furniture Makers

LeNoble offers the lumber of choice to woodworkers and furniture makers in the New York area and across the United States.

For many years, LeNoble has served artisans who craft beautiful and distinctive works that combine art and function.

Wood is their medium of choice, and they rely on us to provide the best quality and most durable products possible. From kitchen cabinets to conference tables, custom doors, desks, built-ins, office furniture, musical instruments and any other object that can be fabricated from wood products, LeNoble Lumber has the resources needed to feed a woodworker’s creativity.


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A breadth and depth of inventory

Here at LeNoble Lumber, we carry a vast selection of lumber and plywood in stock, perfect for your woodworking or furniture needs.

As a one-stop source, we carry an extensive variety of first quality hardwood lumber and plywood (from Anigre to Zebrawood), along with matching veneers and edge tape. Craftsmen and craftswomen also rely on LeNoble for moulding and millwork needs (including custom profiles in all species), custom lay-ups (in any size, quantity, core and species), door cores and platforms, fiberboard and particle board, melamine, and laminates. For a full list of our inventory download our brochure.

Sustainability and green building

Nowadays, more and more woodworkers and furniture makers are realizing the importance of adopting sustainable practices when it comes to their craft.

LeNoble is FSC-certified and can serve all of your green building needs. We carry a wide selection of FSC-certified and SFI-certified lumber, as well as NAUF (No Added Urea Formaldehyde) products and ULEF (Ultra Low Emitting Formaldehyde) products. Learn more about our commitment to sustainability.

Fast delivery and quality service

If you produce custom furniture or wood products for clients, chances are you have strict timelines to meet.

With our in-stock inventory and large delivery fleet of more than 30+ vehicles, LeNoble guarantees fast and speedy delivery of your order. Our fleet also consists of heavy-duty trucks to protect your materials and forklifts and boom trucks to speed up the unloading process.

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