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LeNoble Lumber prides itself on having the best quality selection of lumber in the New York metro area and Northeast.

Lumber selection

At LeNoble, we carries hundreds of different types of lumber in varying sizes of thicknesses, lengths, and strengths.

Our lumber inventory includes a full selection of standard dimension lumber as well as “Select Structural” grades for those looking for appearance as well as strength. We also carry pressure-treated and fire-treated lumber that meets all NYC fire codes, as well as a large selection of Green Products, including FSC-certified and SFI-certified lumber that is forested responsibly and produced using sustainable practices. We can cut lumber to size if required (straight cuts only), or have lumber milled to a customer’s exact specifications.

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The quality, breadth, and scope of our inventory is simply unparalleled.

And since we keep most of our products in stock and run a fleet of 30+ delivery vehicles, we can not only get you the lumber you need but we can get it to you quickly and efficiently at the most competitive price possible.

Our most important goal is satisfying our customers. No matter what the project, we’ll help you find the best lumber that will accomplish your objectives. The LeNoble team collectively has more than 200 years of experience in the lumber industry, and we are happy to use our expertise to help you get the best value for your purchase that fits your project’s budget.

Some of our specialty lumber products


LeNoble’s stock of pine lumber is exceptional in its variety of grades, sizes, species, and depth.

Grades run from “#3 common” up to a virtually flawless “C” select. We stock a heat-treated product that needs to meet certain shipping conditions for fine art packing and crating. We also have 5/4”, 6/4” and 8/4” C-select sugar pine stock for making windows and doors, as well as rough-sawn pine for simulating an old-fashioned building or rustic shack. We also carry WWPA patterns for siding.

Western Red Cedar

LeNoble carries this lightweight, reddish-brown lumber, known for its lack of knots and tight grain.

A choice lumber for architects and interior designers, Western Red Cedar is resistant to decay and useful in many outdoor applications, including but not limited to shingles and siding. It has a distinct aroma and is also used to line closets. LeNoble stocks closet lining, shingles, and beveled siding. We also carry cedar in a tongue-and-groove variety for interior wall application, and dressed lumber to build exterior projects as well.

Engineered Lumber

LeNoble stocks a number of engineered lumber products, including I-joists (available in a variety of depths and can be cut to any length), as well as rim board, available in a variety of depths and thicknesses to match the other component of the project you’re building. We also carry laminated veneer lumber, a strong stable product typically used for headers and beams.


LeNoble Lumber offers flooring in many species and sizes in both unfinished and prefinished varieties.

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